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2nd journey to Iran



(Istanbul -- Tabriz) 
27 - 31 August
The route of approaching Iran resembles the one chosen in the year 2000. The way from Istanbul to Erzurum -- measuring 1716 kilometres -- is being covered by train though. The Dogu Ekspresi  takes some 35 hours for this distance. To relax a bit this train ride is followed by a one-day-stay in Erzurum, filled with inspections of that city. From there to Tabriz, Iran, the familiar route will be chosen. Approach (Istanbul - Tabriz)


(East Azarbaijan) 
2 September
Ahar is located approximately 170 kilometres northeast of Tabriz, which is an equivalent of three hours car ride. The trip further on leads through a rugged country side up to a height of about 2000 meters above sea level. The foot walk to a castle dating at pre-Christian ages has to be cancelled half-way due to shoes not-suited for that purpose. To Ahar (East Azarbaijan)


3 - 12 September
Kerman, the capital of the southeastern province of Iran having the same name, is situated in an arid desert-like vicinity. Thus this area is only settled by few people. This city -- forming an oasis -- is located at the edge of the desert of Lut. Its elevation amounts to approximately 1715 meters and has about 300,000 inhabitants. Due to its isolated placement the picture of the city is being shaped by traditional architecture and life-style as well. To Kerman


12 - 15 September
The city of Yazd -- forming an oasis amidst a desert-like area -- is situated in central Iran. It's the capital of the province bearing the same name. This city is located about half distance between the cities of Isfahan and Kerman at an altitude of 1230 meters, counting some 350,000 inhabitants. The extremely arid climate is being reflected by the city's architecture. Worth mentioning are the numerous wind towers. To Yazd


15 - 23 September
The one-week stay in Isfahan follows to the most part the traces of the stay in the year 2000. Main points of the catalogue of photos are the Tea House Azadegan , views at the Lotfollah Mosque  from outside, the Friday Mosque, the Emam Square  and -- even more detailed -- the Ali Ghapoo Palace. To Isfahan

Journey back

(Tehran -- Istanbul) 
24 - 29 September
For many years the track from Tehran to Istanbul had been interrupted -- due to the civil war in eastern Anatolia. Only by spring 2001 travelling became possible once again on that route. The Trans Asya Ekspresi  takes about 72 hours to cover that distance. The Iranian as well as the Turkish train provide sleeping-cars. A dining-car supplies food for the travellers. Journey back (Tehran - Istanbul)

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