Destination Orient


Journey to Cappadocia / Turkey

Istanbul (I)

17 - 25 August
The sightseeing during just one week stay in Istanbul is concentrated on the near and far ambience of Sultanahmet  district with visiting of Blue Mosque, Beyazit Mosque  and Arasta Bazaar.  Most recreative and best refreshing is a day trip over Bosporus  to Anadolu Kavagi. Istanbul - I (Turkey)


26 - 30 August
The city was established in the 2nd century BC under the name of Eusebia  and renamed as Caesarea  after taking from Romans. Today's location of it is some kilometres to the north since the relocation in the 4th century. Since the 3rd century Kayseri represented over a long time a centre of Christianity and arose missionary till Armenia. -- Today 500,000 citizens live in Kayseri which is to date one of the most important Metropolis in upcountry. Kayseri (Cappadocia)


30 August - 4 September
Göreme village is located in a 300 km²  area of rock formations which originate from eruptions of the volcanoes Erciyes Dagi  and Hasan Dagi.  In the process of time the pyroclastic layers were sculptured by weathering and wind erosion into a bizarre landscape with dales, canyons, rock columns and earth pyramids. From the 7th until the 9th century Christians from the neighbourhood Kayseri sought here a hiding place caused by the violation of Arabs addressed to them. Göreme (Cappadocia)

Istanbul (II)

5 - 7 September
One more interesting sightseeing in Istanbul to do is a boat tour from Eminiönü  pier to the Princes Islands  in the Sea of Marmara.  The destination of journey is Heybeliada.  This island also known as Copper Island  is 19 kilometres far from Istanbul. Before on both hills of the island were monasteries. Nowadays the Turkish Marine uses the buildings for its schools. Istanbul - II (Turkey)

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